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Dangerous road may have been factor in Oregon auto accident

A recent auto accident along a road stretching from Eugene to Florence highlights the potential dangers of this particular highway. This auto accident claimed the lives of two Oregon teenagers and injured three others. After this particular incident, the Department of Transportation (DOT) stated that there was an unacceptable number of accidents on this particular road. 

Grandmother dies, granddaughter injured in car crash in Oregon

Laws are a part of life, especially when on the road. In fact, following the rules of the road is a significant responsibility for all motorists. This can help to avoid accidents, which can result in injuries and even death in some cases. It turns out this may have been what happened in a recent car crash in Oregon.

1 dead, 2 injured in Oregon car crash

State police responded to a serious accident on Highway 99E on the afternoon of Sept. 22, according to local sources.  Oregon authorities are still investigating the cause of the car crash that claimed one life and injured two other individuals.  So far, no charges have been filed in association with the incident. 

Oregon car accident leaves man in critical condition

There are many causes of car accidents. Some are caused by inattention or distraction, while others may be caused by being under the influence of alcohol or some other drug. Depending on the circumstances, the person police believe caused the accident may face some sort of consequence as a result. While the charges and consequences may vary, leaving the scene of the car crash could make the situation worse. One man in Oregon has been hospitalized after a car accident in which the driver allegedly ran from the scene.

Distracted driving still a leading accident cause

With the increase in the number of Americans owning a cell phone, it is not surprising that the number of accidents related to distracted driving has also increased. Distracted driving numbers have climbed at a startling rate, causing lawmakers in many states to pass legislation banning cell phone use while behind the wheel. However, recent studies suggest that these laws may not actually decrease the number of accidents, even in Oregon.

Settlement granted for family of auto accident victim

The Oregon family of the victim of a fatal auto accident has recently been granted a financial settlement. The lawsuit was filed against the driver of the car who caused the auto accident and two restaurants. The fatal crash was allegedly related to drunk driving and occurred on Highway 99N as the victim was driving to work. According to the report, the drunk driver drifted into the opposite lane of oncoming traffic.

Distracted driving: more than just texting behind the wheel

Oregon drivers know that distracted driving is a danger to every motorist and passenger on the roads and highways. The term "distracted driving" can be used to describe many different types of driving, perhaps most commonly for texting behind the wheel. However, it is possible that even some safety features, such as navigational apps, could also pose a risk for distraction.

Is state responsible for auto accident caused by road defect?

Should the state of Oregon be held responsible for any auto accident that could have been caused by a road defect? There those who believe that crashes on a particular roadway could be related to the negligence of the state. It is possible that a metal joint placed drivers at an increased risk of an auto accident while on a "flyover," or bridge.

Head-on auto accident sends several people to hospital

A head-on auto accident on Oregon's Highway 211 left several people injured and requiring medical treatment, according to law enforcement. The accident occurred when a pickup truck and a four-door sedan collided, leaving a few people inside the vehicles unable to escape without assistance. This auto accident is still under investigation by police and accident reconstructionists.

Auto accident claims 2 lives, could be linked to road condition

A tragic auto accident in Oregon has claimed the lives of two elderly residents of the state. The auto accident took place on Highway 22, and the wife died at the scene of the accident. The 90-year-old husband was taken for medical treatment, but he later died as a result of the severe injuries he had suffered.

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