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2 young women killed in fatal car accident

Two young women were killed in a fatal car accident along Oregon's Highway 47. This fatal accident took place in Forest Grove and the two victims were students at Pacific University. A witness account of the fatal car accident who attempted to render aid to them verifies that the young women, ages 18 and 19, were dead upon impact.

Oregon woman dies in fatal car accident on I-5, alcohol suspected

The consumption of alcohol greatly diminishes an individual's ability to make rational decisions. When that is coupled with being behind the wheel of a vehicle, a serious or fatal car accident could be the result. The Oregon State Police are determining whether it was a mixture of alcohol and driving that caused the death of a woman in the early morning hours of March 27.

Manslaughter charges against driver involved in auto accident

A man involved in a fatal auto accident has recently been arrested on manslaughter charges. The auto accident involved just one car and the deceased was the passenger. The Oregon driver was arrested after he was treated for minor scrapes and bruises after the accident.

Oregon man killed in fatal auto accident

When two cars collide head-on, there is rarely a positive outcome. The sheer force of two metal objects careening into each other almost guarantees that someone involved will be hurt. A fatal auto accident that happened recently in Oregon provides a good illustration of this supposition.

Oregon driver found guilty in car accident killing 2 children

An Oregon teenager has been found guilty of felony hit-and-run in connection with an accident that led to the death of two young girls. The 19-year-old woman reportedly was driving down the road when her vehicle went through a pile of leaves near the curb that had been raked for collection. The woman and her two passengers noted a bump when the car accident occurred, but the driver did not stop.

Oregon auto accident can end with personal injury claim

Oregon police are investigating a recent crash that happened in Multnomah County. The auto accident claimed the life of one person and left another with an extended hospital stay. The incident occurred during the early afternoon hours of a weekday.

Oregon auto accident ends life of young woman

The celebration of the recent Thanksgiving holiday was marred by a fatal crash on an Oregon roadway. The auto accident claimed the life of one young woman and led to injury for the other person involved in the incident. Now, local police are investigating to determine exactly what happened in the early morning hours of the holiday.

Oregon auto accident injures several teenagers after game

Oregon police are working to learn what happened that led to a tragic incident recently. The incident involved an auto accident that injured several teenagers. The crash took place in Lake Oswego and involved four teenagers in two SUV-type vehicles.

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